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Apple's new iOS 12 features shared AR experiences, less interruption

07 June 2018

Apple is adding the News app to the macOS Mojave as well. This mode, once activated, turns the task bar, dock, folders and more aspects of the desktop to a dark grey colour. FaceTime has added support for group calling, and the Mac App Store has been redesigned with new editorial content and more apps from top developers, including Microsoft and Adobe. That includes Xcode Dark Mode, for instance.

Apple is also adding new apps for macOS as well, such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home. The new API will also be available for the developers to implement the Dark Mode in their respective apps.

There will also be a new feature is called Dynamic Desktop, which changes the way your desktop looks as the day passes-morning, afternoon, evening and night.

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However, if you really want to know what new features are coming, other people, such as 9to5mac, are kindly sharing their experiences and highlighting the new features that are present in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Desktop stacks is Apple's new effort to help keep the macOS desktop clean for users. The new OS will include multiple new features, but one of the most striking will be a new macOS Dark Mode that completely changes the feeling of the interface. The preview pane shows all of a file's metadata. The sidebar will display EXIF information of the selected image. Another upgrade was Quick Look which enables a Mac User to interact with a set of files much better without actually opening it. He talked about the company's years-long plan to bring some iOS apps to macOS. The whole design is inspired by the redesigned iOS App Store that was introduced with iOS 11 past year.

Press the shutter button and your new photo will immediately be inserted into the app you have open on your Mac.

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iOS 12 developer beta is available to paid Apple developers now, and the final version will be made publicly available "this fall" as a free update and most likely also pre-installed on new iPhones and iPads. Even Screenshots have been improved in Mojave with the introduction of a video capture.

Apple is also introducing tons of new apps with the Mojave update. After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach, Apple has introduced a feature to Safari which they call Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which helps block social media "Like" or "Share" buttons and comment widgets from tracking users without their permission.

Screenshots have new on-screen controls for easy access to every screenshot option and new video recording capabilities, while Continuity Camera lets Mac users to take a picture or scan a document with their iPhone or iPad and have it appear instantly on their Mac.

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Apple's new iOS 12 features shared AR experiences, less interruption