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Man bitten by severed rattlesnake head

08 June 2018

A Texas man is recovering after he was bitten by a severed rattlesnake head.

To prepare for the day's festivities, Jennifer told The Washington Post that she and her husband chose to tidy up the yard of their home near Lake Corpus Christi in southern Texas.

There, doctors warned Sutcliffe her husband could die as a result of the massive dose of venom the snake poisoned him with, and used enormous quantities of antivenom to stabilize him.

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With six rattlesnake species native to Texas, not to mention all the state's copperheads, this may serve as an important cautionary tale for other homeowners who may be faced with a venomous snake on their property.

After the snake released its venom, he experienced loss of vision, in addition to the bleeding and seizures, and had to be flown to hospital by helicopter. Jennifer said she was pulling weeds in her garden when she came across a four-foot western diamondback rattlesnake hiding in the flowers.

"A normal person who is going to get bit is going to get two to four doses of antivenom", Sutcliffe said.

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However, he is still experiencing weak kidney function more than a week after the incident. Dr. Michael Halpert, a trauma surgeon at Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital, said although dying from a snakebite is rare, it happens. "He had to rip the snake's head off", Jennifer said". He took a shovel and decapitated the snake, KIII TV reported. In fact, he said, "If you left the dead head there long enough the venom would degrade".

If you thought cutting the head off a venomous snake made them safe to handle, think again. He had been treated with 26 doses of antivenin.

She said her husband has thought about that Sunday morning and talks about wishing he could go back and do just one thing differently.

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Man bitten by severed rattlesnake head