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Donald Trump demands end to 'unfair' trade after meeting

10 June 2018

President Donald Trump on Saturday accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of making "false statements" and said that the US will not endorse a G7 communique.

Moreover, after departing from the Quebec summit for Singapore, Donald Trump has slammed Canadian Prime Minister's remarks at the G7 news conference, where he said Canada would not be pushed around, as "very dishonest and weak". Trump, in a Twitter tirade on Thursday, pointed fingers at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French president Emmanuel Macron, stating that "they are charging the USA massive tariffs and create non-monetary barriers".

"This good news and it marks a collective desire to stabilise things", Mr Macron said. Or we'll stop trading with them.

His early exit means he will be gone before allies begin closing news conferences likely to be laden with criticism of the USA stance on trade and Mr. Trump's abrupt suggestion on Friday that Russian Federation be re-admitted to the elite grouping. On Friday, Mr Trump made a surprise call for Moscow to be readmitted, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel said other members were against the idea.

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Trudeau's view of how the summit went was a marked contrast to Trump's take. "I think it will be very positive", Trump said on Friday, without giving details. He reiterated his longstanding view that the USA has been taken advantage of in global trade, adding, "We're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing and that ends". "Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!"

He also denied the summit had been contentious, a remark that contradicted what one G7 official described as an " extraordinary" exchange on Friday in which Trump repeated a list of trade grievances, mainly concerning the European Union and Canada.

There was no immediate reaction from the Canadian government on Trump's tweets.

Sticking points also remain in the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) renegotiations between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, despite it being a key topic during the bilateral meeting between Mr Trump and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

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All the G7 nations have agreed at their summit in Canada on the importance of a "rules-based trading system", despite tensions with the US.

French President Emmanuel Macron, for example, noted that under European Union rules France now has open borders with Britain and Germany and runs trade deficits with both - far from Trump's vision of "reciprocal" balanced trade.

In an "extraordinary" exchange between the leaders on Friday, Trump repeated a list of grievances about United States trade, mainly with the European Union and Canada, a French presidency official told reporters.

Trump says his tariffs are meant to protect US industry and workers from unfair worldwide competition as part of his "America First" agenda.

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Trudeau on Saturday said the U.S., Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan figured out "consensus language" they could all agree to. Mr. Trump also warned that retaliating against the US tariffs would be a "mistake", suggesting that the USA might just not deal with countries who fail to treat the his standards.

Donald Trump demands end to 'unfair' trade after meeting