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Indonesian Woman Swallowed By Giant Python

18 June 2018 reports that the authorities in Southeast Sulawesi province, as well as villagers, as well as villagers, found a python during their search for the 54-year-old woman later identified as Wa Tiba. According to the chief, Tiba's head was swallowed first.

The family and villagers launched a search for the woman, and found the snake with a bloated belly about 50 yards from where her belongings were found.

Police chief Agung Ramos said: "People took the snake into the village and started splitting the snake".

Wa Tiba's slime-covered corpse was discovered after the snake was sliced open in the nightmarish video, which has been likened to a horror film.

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When they cut open the snakes belly they found Tibas body still intact with all her clothes.

After being declared missing following her disappearance on Thursday, June 14, 2018, an Indonesian woman has been found dead inside a python on the Island of Sulawesi.

Junaidi said the snake had swallowed the farmer whole, adding that it was the only such fatality recorded in the region.

The villagers killed the snake and laid it out on the ground.

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Resident Ayu Kartika said: "Everybody was crying, everybody was shocked".

Giant pythons, which regularly top 5.7m (19ft), are commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. Though they have been known to attack small animals, attempts to eat people are rare.

While the knife that Wa Tiba had gone out with the previous evening was found on the floor - suggesting she had dropped it after being struck with deadly power by the killer python. Last year a 25-year-old man was swallowed whole by a similar serpent.

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Indonesian Woman Swallowed By Giant Python