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German govt stands but no resolution in fight over migration

22 June 2018

Merkel herself is facing a showdown with her own hardline interior minister after his call for turning back undocumented migrants at German borders and speeding up ejections of rejected asylum seekers.

Speaking after the CSU agreed to give Merkel two weeks to find a European solution to the immigration issue, Curio said Germany should deport migrants who have registered elsewhere and those who have come via safe third countries while it should be more rigorous in deporting those who are obliged to leave.

Seehofer and Merkel have long had an awkward relationship.

"We are opening a new chapter", she said.

Trump's criticism and Seehofer's insubordination might strengthen Merkel's hand and bring the European Union closer to a common policy on migration and refugees.

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During a press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was confronted about the disconnect between Trump's tweet and reality.

Should Seehofer opt to institute border controls immediately, it would force Merkel to make a fateful choice: Acquiesce and emerge a dramatically weakened leader, or fire Seehofer and risk a break with the CSU that could bring her government crashing down.

But the interior minister was forced to cancel a planned presentation of his vision after Merkel disagreed with his proposal to turn some asylum seekers away at the borders, sparking last week's dramatic escalation of discord within the conservative bloc.

Seehofer on Monday agreed to implement his immigration "master plan" step by step, stopping short of unilaterally enforcing a policy opposed by Merkel while she attempts to find a solution at European level, sources have told German news agency DPA.

Signalling that he is leaning towards the latter option, Seehofer wrote in a column in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that "it is essential that the European Union summit takes a decision at the end of June".

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It's the first time Trump has openly criticised Germany's immigration policy since he took office past year, although he was previously critical of their immigration policy during the presidential campaign when he called Angela Merkel's decision to leave the country's borders open to Syrian refugees as "insane".

NELSON: The interior minister and his party, which is facing a major challenge from far-right populists in upcoming regional elections, say they will unilaterally prevent migrants from crossing Bavaria's global borders if Berlin doesn't act. CSU leaders had previously been dismissive of her chances to reach agreement there, given that the issue has bedeviled the continent for the past three years, with no resolution in sight.

Later in the day, she will host the new Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, who is heading a government with an anti-immigration agenda.

Merkel accepted the deadline and said she will attempt to solidify a deal by the European Union summit later this month, and report to her party by July 1.

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German govt stands but no resolution in fight over migration