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Donald Jr. Rips Montana's Tester as Schumer's 'Liberal Lapdog'

06 July 2018

USA president Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Four Seasons Arena on July 5, 2018 in Great Falls, Montana.

President Donald Trump is opening a Montana campaign rally with an attack on Jon Tester, the state's Democratic U.S. senator. "Maybe you should focus on fixing the lives you're destroying", Warren tweeted.

Trump then disparaged the Me Too movement - raising some eyebrows, but drawing laughter from the friendly audience.

These are the people who will call us too sensitive for getting worked up over a "joke", knowing full well that Trump isn't joking.

Trump tells the rally that Rosendale is a "tough cookie" who will "fight for you". Rosendale said hell back Trumps agenda, while Tester said hell support the president when its in the states interests and oppose him when its not.

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"If you tune in Monday at 9 o'clock, I think you're going to be extremely happy", he said, teasing his crowd on Thursday about his nominating announcement next week.

But before Trump arrived in Montana, Tester's campaign took out full-page ads in newspapers across the state, highlighting bills the senator sponsored that Trump has signed into law. And in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims that she's of Indian heritage, because her mother said she has high cheek bones.

"But we have to do it gently because we are in the #MeToo generation", Trump said, in reference to women speaking out about sexual harassment. But he does care a whole lot about discrediting and embarrassing Elizabeth Warren, so he is more than willing to weaponize the accusations made against her.

"It's time to retire liberal Democrat Jon Tester", Mr. Trump told thousands of supporters at the rally in Great Falls. "And they don't know who they are playing with, folks", Trump said. "Our country's disrespect of native people didn't start with President Trump", Warren said in the powerful speech.

President Donald Trump gave a freewheeling speech at a rally in Montana.

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It later came out, in claims Tester and others said were brought to Congress, that Jackson had been accused of liberally doling out medications on Air Force One, crashing a vehicle, and running an office that some other employees called hostile.

Trump mentioned his previous attacks on Waters as a "low IQ individual" and added what appeared to be his own personal assessment, telling the crowd, "I mean, honestly, she's somewhere in the mid-60s, I believe".

Trump accused Warren of using her self-described heritage to advance her political career and taunted her by suggesting she should take an ancestry test.

Testers ad sought to undermine Trumps efforts to boost Rosendale by pointing out that he and the president agree on several issues.

But shortly after attacking Tester, he touted his efforts to bring accountability to the Department of Veterans' Affairs an two bills that Tester helped write: the VA MISSION Act and VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act.

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"Jon's record is clear-if it's good for Montana, Jon works with anyone from either party to get things done".

Donald Jr. Rips Montana's Tester as Schumer's 'Liberal Lapdog'