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Behind President Trump's claim of new funding from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members

14 July 2018

In an interview with The Sun in England, President Donald Trump claimed "the GDP since I've taken over has doubled and tripled".

Trump is set to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for their first ever summit in Helsinki on July 16 though Moscow said the former's remarks were unlikely to affect what was always going to be a hard summit between two countries known to have several differences, the Reuters report added.

"Germany just started paying Russian Federation, the country they want protection from, Billions of Dollars for their Energy needs coming out of a new pipeline from Russian Federation". "After we're at 2 percent, we'll start talking about going higher".

They then released the stolen information through fake accounts - DC Leaks and Guccifer 2.0, among them - in the weeks before voters went to the polls that November.

Latest indictment of Russian intelligence officers and Kremlin-directed hacking operation created to help the Trump campaign adds to weight of evidence against Putin.

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"This is a moment for us to stand together and understand that the perspective that we fight for and stand for is essential today and tomorrow".

But for anyone hoping to see sparks fly at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters in Brussels, the USA president did not disappoint, complaining anew about defence spending even as he endorsed a joint communique supporting current commitments, and pointedly slamming a German natural gas pipeline deal he says has left the country "totally controlled" and "captive to Russian Federation".

We now know, however, that he had been told that Russian Federation was trying to help his father's campaign and may have dirt on Hillary Clinton in a private email exchange just the month before.

"It's a horrific thing being done where you're feeding billions and billions of dollars from Germany... into the coffers of Russian Federation when we're trying to do something so that we have peace in the world". Ahead of the trip, Trump predicted his meeting with Putin would be his "easiest" stop on his European tour.

Trump has described the spending situation as "disproportionate and not fair to the taxpayers of the United States".

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Mr Trump stated his commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, speaking after reports that he had warned leaders that the United States could pull out of the alliance if other members failed to increase their contributions.

Trump later told the press he'd successfully pushed for a spending increase. The important thing now is that we need to invest more - we need to get more money.

Canada was never expected to agree to Trump's timelines for reaching two per cent. 'Is he your friend?' No, I don't know him well enough, but the couple of times I got to meet him we got on very well.

Instead, a series of events a black-tie dinner with business leaders, a meeting with May and an audience with Queen Elizabeth II will happen outside the bustling city, where Mayor Sadiq Khan has been in a verbal battle with Trump.

Neither side expects the one-day summit on Monday, the first between the two leaders, to yield major policy breakthroughs given the battered state of U.S. -Russia relations, which are languishing at their lowest ebb since the Cold War.

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Paulina Dedaj is a writer/ reporter for Fox News.

Behind President Trump's claim of new funding from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members