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White House struggles to contain fallout from Trump-Putin summit

19 July 2018

US President Donald Trump claims he misspoke during his joint press conference with Vladimir Putin when he publicly challenged the US intelligence conclusion that Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 election.

On Monday, Trump stood beside Russian President Vladimir Putin and challenged American intelligence agencies' findings that Moscow had interfered in the 2016 US elections.

During the press conference, Putin denied Russia had meddled in the United States election, but admitted: "I wanted him to win because he talked about normalising Russian-American relations".

"I accept our intelligence community's conclusion that Russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place", Mr Trump conceded on Tuesday.

Trump's remarks Tuesday amounted to a presidential mop-up operation a day after he stood alongside Putin on foreign soil and sided with the Russian president over the USA intelligence community. Lotta people out there.

James Flaskey 74 an U.S. Army veteran discusses President Donald Trump’s recent comments about Russian meddling in American elections at a barbershop in Norfolk Va

U.S. President Donald Trump is promising that "big results" will eventually come from his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and says that Moscow "has agreed to help with North Korea".

"Wouldn't" Trump corrected himself Tuesday, speaking to reporters from the Cabinet Room: "I don't see any reason why I wouldn't - or, why it wouldn't be Russian Federation".

"We're doing very well, probably as well as anybody has ever done with Russia", Trump told reporters on Wednesday shortly after his controversial remark "And there's been no president ever as tough as I have been on Russia". The President also made headlines after he seemingly sided with Putin regarding Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election. I think Dan Coats is excellent. we have excellent people.

Trump's comments also stunned some pundits on the president's favorite television channel: Fox News.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul emerged as one of the president's few defenders.

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If Trump's appearances over the past two days were meant to quell the outcry, however, his assertion that Russian Federation is no longer targeting the U.S. did not help.

Cecilia Vega, the ABC reporter who asked the question, said on Twitter, "Getting a lot of questions about my exchange" with Trump.

House and Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill were also critical of Trump's comments, but refused to condemn Trump himself.

Putin outlined his proposal at a news conference following the summit, and said that his government would like to question Hermitage Capital chief executiveWilliam Browder, a longtime Kremlin antagonist who lobbied the USA government to adopt a law authorizing sanctions against Russian officials accused of human rights abuses.

When asked if Russian Federation was still targeting the United States, Trump replied, "Thank you very much, no".

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But Texas Republican John Cornyn said the Senate should focus on "additional sanctions instead of just some messaging exercise".

"He does believe that they would target US elections again", she said.

Corker, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said the first step was to get Pompeo to appear, "hopefully" next week. "When I'm with Putin, I say would because I am a coward", he yelled.

The president defended his performance during his much-criticized news conference with Putin after their meeting, saying: "I think I did great at the news conference".

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White House struggles to contain fallout from Trump-Putin summit