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When to MISS the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century

24 July 2018

The longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming on July 27, so there's a few things you should know before the celestial event!

The UK will have one of the best views of the eclipse in the world at dusk on Friday, as the moon turns blood red for hours.

Australia will be treated to a Blood Moon and a total lunar eclipse, as the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon, this weekend.

Image source
Image source

A picture taken on January 31, 2018 shows the moon rising behind a mountain during a lunar eclipse, referred to as the "super blue blood moon" near Syria-Turkey border at the Hassa district in Hatay. The partial eclipses that lead up to and follow the total eclipse will last an hour and 6 minutes each.

Unfortunately, given that the total eclipse is scheduled to occur from 3:30 p.m.to 5:13 p.m. EDT, North Americans will be unable to observe the epic celestial event.

However, during a lunar eclipse the glow from the moon is not almost as strong.

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The most-awaited phase of the eclipse, the total lunar eclipse, is estimated to set in from 1 am IST on July 28. However, not everyone will be able to see the blood moon. This means we're blocking the sun from the moon, whereas last time the moon was blocking the sun from us.

'The sun's red light is scattered much less by air, and is bent by the earth's atmosphere in a process called refraction, travelling all the way through it to light up the moon's surface.

After this, the moon will get deeper and deeper into the earths shadow.

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If you want to see what the eclipse will look like in your area, you can plug your location into NASA's Lunar Eclipse Explorer.

Brad Tucker, researcher at Australian National University's Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, explained why we don't get a lunar eclipse every lunar cycle.

A Mars opposition is when the Earth lies between Mars and the sun, making the sun and Mars appear in opposite directions as viewed from the Earth.

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As if the eclipse isn't enough to hold our attention, Mars will be its closest and brightest to its neighbours since 2003.

When to MISS the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century