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Trump says he's willing to meet Iran's president 'anytime'

01 August 2018

"Threats, sanctions and PR stunts won't work", Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet. Try respect: "for Iranians & for int'l commitments", he tweeted.

"It seems President Trump has been taken hostage by Saudi Arabia and a few producers when they claimed they can replace 2.5 million barrels per day of Iranian exports, encouraging him to take action against Iran", Ardebili said. Nategh Nouri said "we have to contemplate" the gesture, but also cautioned "we should not rejoice over this offer and not get excited".

The former was dismissed by critics as resulting in little of substance, and the latter saw a number of gaffes, including Mr Trump appearing to say that he trusted Mr Putin's denial of election meddling over the opinion of USA intelligence agencies. "It could be a test for us".

Iran, with a more complicated domestic political structure than the totalitarian model of North Korea, has been cool to the idea of diplomacy with Washington, more so since Trump pulled the United States out of the multinational deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which imposed restrictions on Iran's ability to build nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

Fresh off his meeting with Kim Jong Un, President Trump is talking about getting together with Iran's leaders "whenever they want" and "without preconditions".

Trump began ramping up the public pressure on Iran about a week ago, saying on Twitter that the USA won't tolerate Iran's "DEMENTED WORDS OF VIOLENCE & DEATH" - a response to a warning that Iran's leader made to Trump.

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Rouhani said in a meeting with British Ambassador Rob Macaire Tuesday Tehran will not give up its rights to export oil, and called the USA withdrawal from the nuclear pact illegal.

But Trump's remarks did represent a marked softening of tone from when he lashed out at Rouhani in a tweet a week ago. "I don't know if they're ready".

On July 23, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington was not afraid to sanction top-ranking leaders of the "nightmare" Iranian regime.

US Secretary of State Michael R Pompeo is also scheduled to visit Singapore and Jakarta.

Pompeo appeared on CNBC hours after Trump's statements on Monday to set some conditions. Oman, which has good ties with both Washington and Tehran, has served as a facilitator of previous talks between the USA and Iran, notably during the Obama administration.

In a tweet responding to Trump's offer, an adviser to President Rouhani later said Iran would be open for talks only if the USA "return [s] to the nuclear deal" and respects "the Iranian nation's rights", per a BBC translation.

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Christopher Hill, a former lead U.S. negotiator with Pyongyang, told MEE at the time that the statement - after the talks - could not be called an agreement.

And Iran's OPEC governor, Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, said that Trump had been bamboozled into imposing sanctions on the country.

Aboutalebi said Iran has been open to dialogue with the United States in the past, and pointed out that Rouhani even had a phone call with President Barack Obama in 2013.

Both U.S. President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have been going back and forth with written altercations. Another round, covering other types of commerce, including oil purchases, goes into effect November 4. It recovered slightly to 115,000 on Tuesday, but concerns are growing as Iranians have seen their savings dwindle and purchasing power drop.

In May, Mr Trump withdrew the U.S. from the 2015 worldwide agreement created to deny Tehran the ability to build nuclear weapons.

"Why would the Iranians negotiate with an administration that is internally inconsistent?" said Ali Vaez, the director of the Iran Project at the International Crisis Group.

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Trump says he's willing to meet Iran's president 'anytime'