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John Kelly Allegedly To Stay In Job Through 2020

03 August 2018

Kelly told senior aides this week he has agreed to stick around through 2020 at Trump's request, five White House officials said Tuesday.

"Congratulations to General John Kelly".

Kelly was Homeland Security chief when Trump named him to succeed Reince Priebus a year ago after he resigned. "Kelly is essentially calling Trump's bluff", says Sherman.

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The image belied a fraught relationship between Trump and Kelly, who has been credited with restoring a semblance of order to the chaotic West Wing - but at the cost of grating on the freewheeling commander-in-chief. Once Trump's gatekeeper who unilaterally controlled who entered the Oval Office and which ideas could be presented to the president, Kelly now is more of an operational chief and has given up somewhat on policing access to the president. His efforts to centralize lines of reporting - he made a point of asking Trump's own daughter Ivanka to report to him - have gone by the wayside.

Kelly came under fire earlier in the year for the White House's handling of security clearances after domestic violence allegations surfaced against former Staff Secretary Rob Porter.

A Republican close to the White House also referred to Kelly as a "chief of staff in name only", according to the news outlet. But in recent weeks Trump signaled a willingness to retain Kelly in the job, believing that he could simply overrule the chief of staff with little cost. While he has not backed away from his assertion that the position is "the hardest job" he'll ever have, Kelly has signaled a willingness to forge ahead in the postition even with diminished clout.

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Kelly has been an influential force in the White House. He has said he spends as much as eight hours a day with Trump.

The Wall Street Journal first reported news of Kelly's plans. "He's a wonderful man".

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John Kelly Allegedly To Stay In Job Through 2020