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Spain, Portugal swelter as heat wave kills 3 people

05 August 2018

The highest recorded temperature recorded in Spain was is 46.9C in Cordoba in July 2017.

In another sign of drought, water levels in the Danube River in Budapest are about to fall to a level that will expose a small outcrop called Dearth Rock that is nearly always underwater, the National Water Management Authority said.

If you're over in Spain right now or you're travelling there on vacay today, be sure to keep hydrated and in the shade, because unsafe highs of 118F/48C are expected in central areas of the country, with health warnings issued in 41 of the country's 50 provinces, according to the Daily Mail.

"The Spanish (AEMET) and Portuguese (IPMA) meteorological services have issued RED warnings for high temperatures, with IPMA also issuing the highest alert for wildfire risk".

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Portugal's record is 47.4C set in 2003.

Boiling heat will blow across Europe this week as the UK's hottest summer continues.

Temperatures in Spain and Portugal could rise to the high 40s this weekend as Europe's heatwave reaches "record breaking" proportions.

Europe is experiencing a heatwave that has brought drought and wildfires from Greece to Sweden. Portugal's weather service said the capital reached 44 degrees Celsius (111.2 degrees Fahrenheit) on Saturday, surpassing the city's previous record of 43 C (109.4 F) set in 1981.

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A heat wave warning was in place across much of southern and eastern France on Thursday.

The all-time continental European maximum temperature is 48 degrees, which was recorded in Athens in July 1977. The country went on high alert in an effort to prevent a repeat of the worst fires in history a year ago, which killed 114 people.

Nicola Maxey from the Met Office says: "Temperatures will increase by a couple of degrees day by day with highs in the upper 20Cs quite widely by Friday and into the low 30Cs in places at the weekend".

A spokesperson for the Weather Channel said: "Towards the weekend it will become hotter once more with drier and sunnier skies extending more widely across the British Isles, the best of which will be on Sunday". Power company EDF said the measures were taken to avoid temperature hikes in rivers from which water is drawn to cool the reactors.

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High temperatures have already had a devastating impact across the continent this year. #Temperatures could creep just above 30 °C somewhere on the south coast of England.

Spain, Portugal swelter as heat wave kills 3 people